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Surfboard Quiver 2011

Surfboard Quiver

The famous coolite 1963
For me my surfing equipment is really important. I started on a finless coolite in the 60's, my first fibre glass board was a 9'6" second hand Dale D fin, it weighed a ton.
These days I have a whole bunch of different boards for different conditions.
I also feel the surfing progression in Australia is in part due to the innovation of our shapers over the years, I am not that keen on imported copies with no R&D behind them so I support the locally made product. I weigh around 80 kg and surf nothing narrower than 19". 
Simon Anderson XFC

My stock board is a Simon Anderson 6'3" XFC. The XFC changed the way I surf, I use big fins and love this model.

I do have a Simon Anderson 6'6" SXE pintail for those longer clean waves. 

Reef Swallow
My Indo quiver includes a few Murray Bourton models. My go to board in the Ments is 6’5” reef swallow. Basically a mini gun type design, awesome speed and great sticking power on late drops. I do have a 6'10" version as well. 

The ledge Tamer
I have worked with Muzz developing a new model The Ledge Tamer. Mine is a 6'2" and is based on the Reef swallow. Excellent paddling power and sticks the super later drops and doesn't out run the barell. I use it at home on one of my favourite shallow ledges as well. It has a multi fin setup which I normally don't use but like the options between four and three fins when I am travelling. 

SXE Pintail
I do have a chambered Balsa Mal I picked up in Ecuador during the World Surfing Games. Don't surf the mal that much because of the variety of short board options that are around. Having said that I have an order in at Island Surfboards for a triple stringer, wooden nose and tail block Mal shaped by Terry Klemm of Klemm-Bell Surfboards fame.  Greg Hogan collaborates with Terry and apart from being a work of art these single fin long boards surf really well. 

One of my short board options when I need some paddle power is a Bourton Fat Bullet. This thing paddles like the Queen Mary but at 6'2" manoeuvres easily. It has a revolutionary hull design and four fins. 

An extravagance is a yellow 8' gun Simon Anderson shaped for me about seven yeras ago. Guns don't really date.The harsh reality is I am never going to use it at 15 foot plus Sunset where it would be perfect. I get to use it a couple of times a year here on the Island, it has an awesome sweet spot but just having a classic Simon Anderson hanging on the wall proves my theory for supporting Australian Shapers. 
Island Surfboard Soft Boards
If you have anything to do with learn to surf I use the Island Surfboards Soft board. Designed by Glyndyn Ringrose, a gun shaper/surfer this soft board is hands down the best I have ever used teaching people to surf. 

Haven't had that much time to give SUP's a real go yet. My feeling is the variety of board designs around today keeps me in the water most days having fun.

My tip for board designs is most guys are surfing too short and too narrow boards. As a coach this is usually where my coaching advice starts. If you would any other advice on boards for Australia or around the world please contact me. 
All you really need to remember is:

                       ENJOY THE RIDE

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