Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Coaching Mentor's

The Go Pro Camera is a great coaching tool.
Coaching has come a long way over the last few years. If you needed an edge in the competitive arena you may have sourced a coach. These days more and more people are just trying to get more fun out of their surfing. Equipment, paddling, manoeuvres, surf travel are just some aspects covered in my programs. For me surfing is about fun, getting frustrated in the water because of a technique flaw is certainly not fun. Coaching makes a difference.

Roti Grommet's
The coaching fraternity is quite small and we all share our information. Martin Dunn, Surfing Australia's coaching director has been a great source of information for me and we often talk about different strategies to improve a surfer’s technique. I use and attend Surfing Australia's Green Room Coaching conference to keep me at the forefront of coaching techniques. I regularly mentor a couple of South American coaches and enjoy that challenge, including the Spanish lessons. 

A good friend and work colleague at Island Surf School is Simon Chipper we collaborate on many coaching programs. Simon’s extensive travel in Indonesia as well as other exotic locations with world famous photographer Ted Grambeau on RipCurl photo shoots enhances my knowledge base not only in coaching delivery but in video and photographic technology as well.

Simon Chipper - Going native at Nembrala, Roti
So if you think you could use a tune up or need a coach on your next surf trip check out my website,

''get on board and enjoy the ride''

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