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Tavarua Fiji

Tavarua Fiji

24th November 2012

Tavarua, first time and am pretty excited. Although this time of year is not the best surf window it looks like we may have some shoulder high waves when we arrive. I am travelling with a couple of buddies and it is first time for all of us.

Flight time from Melbourne is only a short five hours jaunt.

Hot weather in Fiji and after a forty minute bouncing ride in a battered Hi Ace van we stop in front of a mangrove swamp.

We wade out to a small boat and cruise over to Tavarua Island. The trip lasts about twenty minutes and the smart move is to pack a water proof spray jacket and sit in the middle seat.

The staff greet you on the sand and with a minimum of check in procedure you will be in your Bure or bungalow in no time. 

The island resort is pretty spectacular and if there is some swell and offshore wind Woo Hoo!!! 

We are in for a week and the surf varies from waist to shoulder high to just over head. The wind is sort of offshore but the wave faces are clean. For a few hours of the day it glasses off.

The water quality is brilliant. Racing down the line at cloud break you can clearly see the coral bottom and fish as you you surf.

Cloud Break and Restraunt's are the two classic left handers  here and were exclusive to Tavarua. That has all changed but the upside is you can boat to all the other breaks close by. Namotu is only a stones throw away and has three waves around it. The surf here is fast breaking hollow waves over coral.

If you are fifty fifty on deciding whether to pack reef booties throw them in your bag along with your rash vest, Board shorts and sun screen. 

As for your quiver! The small fat beach break model can stay at home, you need a good paddler that goes good down the line, preferably at warp speed. Extra concave always helps.

If eight feet plus thundering cloud break or five feet super hollow restaraunts is out your league don't despair it ain't always like that and even if those are conditions when arrive on your trip Nomotu lefts and swimming pools can be great fun. 

All the surf spots bar Restaraunts have to accessed by boat. The surf guides are cool and know there stuff. Boats start leaving at 5am and then  all through the day. It isn't an on demand service but with a little planning and cooperation from other guests the boys will look after you. There will always be a guide/life guard on a boat or in the water with you. You will not get dropped off in the lineup by yourself and the boat leave.  

snorkelling, fishing, kayaking, Stand paddling, tennis, table tennis and a massage are all on the to do list. 

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served from the buffet at set times during the day. If you hear the conch shell being blown, tucker is on. The bar stocks are pretty cool and everything is on the room bill to be settled as you leave. Plenty of people get a bit of a shock at there bar tab. ( did I drink that much? Answer - Sure did) 

Cava Night is usually on a Thursday and comprises of an official welcome by the chief, a ceremonial drink of Cava and some entertainment.

The Fijians love it. Laughing, singing, traditional dress  and dancing.

I didn't pick up too much of the language but Bula is welcome and Vinaka means thank you. 
Never been to Fiji ? put it on your bucket list because you won't be disappointed.  Looking to take the family and are frothing on Restaraunts and cloud breakTavarua works a treat. Prefer the late night bar life try Nomotu.






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