Saturday, 16 April 2011

RipCurl Pro 50 years

Rip Curl Pro 50thAnniversary Bells Beach Easter 2011:

I had thehonour of being appointed Surfing Ambassador at this years event. Almost allthe winners attended. All throughout the contest special events were heldcelebrating the past winners of the Rip Curl Pro. It was very pleasing towitness the respect that the likes of Kelly Slater, Mick Fanning, Matt Hoy and StephGilmore had for all the original pioneers of our sport. The icing on the cakewas the awesome surf Bells and Winkie Pop delivered. Joel Parkinson and Sally Fitzgibon took out the event and the famous Bells parties were in full force with the surfers ball topping the billing.
The past Rip Curl Pro Winners at the Surfers Ball
Michael Gordon with Glyndyn Ringrose Mal and Sandy Ryan

Michael Gordon has compliled a fantastic historical book on the events history.

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